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The Benefits of LANAP

  1. Faster Healing
    LANAP® is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the body to heal itself quickly.

  2. Bone Regeneration

    LANAP® is the only protocol scientifically proven to regenerate bone around teeth.

  3. Saves Teeth

    Patients' number one reason to receive laser gum surgery is because they want to save and keep their natural teeth.

  4. Less Discomfort

    There is usually little to no discomfort for our patients. It is very rare to prescribe pain medication after LANAP® treatment.

  5. Less Downtime

    Most patients that opt for laser gum surgery can go straight back to their daily activities the same day.

  6. Little to No Recession

    Patients travel from across the state to have laser surgery because it does not lower the level of the gum line like traditional surgery.

  7. Reduce Inflammation and Bleeding

    The PerioLase® MVP-7™can remove 90% of the inflammation in your mouth after one visit. The laser specifically targets the bacteria in your mouth while leaving the healthy tissue intact.

  8. Minimal Bleeding

    With the LANAP® Protocol we are able to control the bleeding with the laser. This results in less bleeding and complications.

  9. Very Safe

    There are zero contraindications with this laser meaning it does not interfere with any disease or medication.

  10. Additional Benefits

    Recent research has shown that laser treatment for gum disease will do more than save your teeth and sweeten your breath. It may be the best way to reduce your CRP (21), lower a factor called "glycated hemoglobin" (HbA1c) which can reduce the risk of diabetes and, if you are diabetic, greatly increase your life expectancy.



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