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Our Philosophy


At LANAP Australia, we are committed to saving your teeth.


We understand how important it is for people to keep their own natural teeth for as long as possible. We also understand how the health of your teeth, gums and mouth can affect your overall health and quality of life. 


As an alternative to gum surgery and possible extractions, LANAP offers one of the best solutions for treating periodontal disease.


Dr Peter Elfar and the team at LANAP Australia provide a faster, more effective solution to traditional gum surgery for patients right across NSW and beyond.


Prior to 2011, patients diagnosed with moderate to advanced periodontal disease were not given many options when trying to find a permanent solution. Scaling, root planing and constant cleaning cycles helped treat symptoms, but did nothing to fight the root cause. 


With painful osseous or periodontal surgery (where the gum is cut back, the bone reshaped and the gum amputated) or tooth removal the only solutions, patients were often hesitant to go through with treatment. 


When Dr Elfar discovered LANAP during a visit to the United States, it was those patients he was thinking of.


Dr Elfar completed his training in the US and brought the technology back to Australia, becoming the first in the country to offer LANAP. 


Dr Elfar now provides LANAP treatments from three clinics in Port Macquarie and Sydney, helping hundreds of happy patients keep their teeth and improve their overall health. 

Australia's first LANAP patient



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