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We understand patients come from a variety of dental backgrounds and experiences. We also understand that no matter how much gentle care and dedication goes into the treatment, sometimes irrational fear plays a part and can cause some patients not to seek out dental treatment until, in some cases, its too late. 



Sedation to relax you

By offering our patient's sedation we can remove the fear factor sufficiently enough to attend to some, if not all of your dental issues. We offer our patients both Oral and intravenous [IV] sedation. We find that Oral sedation can take the edge off the nerves. 

Advanced Technology

We use the latest in 3D xray technology to not only map out bone loss caused by periodontal disease, but also pick up problems before they have expressed themselves in a clinical manner. We can show you the xray and talk you through the options to get you back to full function and full health.

Guided Implant Surgery and Crowns in 1 Hour
Straighter teeth
with Invisalign

With our technolgy we can also place implants (if needed) with a keyhole guided surgery approach which takes only 7 minutes. If your teeth are broken down or need to be fixed we can use our CEREC technology to make you a crown in just 1 hour, without impressions or waiting.

If your teeth have started to drift due to bone loss we can bring them back into alignment (invisibly) with Invisalign technology.   

If you have an Emergency or are looking for a dentist in Port Macquarie contact our team on (02) 65833533.  Our dentists are available in our Taree Dentist Sundial clinics, Laurieton Dentist Sundial  and Wauchope Dentist Sundial clinics to service your every dental needs.



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