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So how do you know if you have gum disease?


Indicators of periodontal disease can include


  • Red, bleeding and sore gums

  • Chronic halitosis [fould breath]

  • Root exposure

  • Pain or discomfort when chewing

  • Missing teeth and in extreme cases you can develop a fever.


The trouble with all these warning signs is that they indicate moderate or advanced periodontal disease. You really need to be seeking treatment BEFORE  it progresses to this stage.


This is placed between your gum and tooth and a measurement is taken in millimeters.  1,2, and 3 millimeters are healthy numbers. 


Anything over 3 coupled with bleeding is a sure sign of gum disease. 


LANAP can reverse gum disease and regenerate bone. It is also the only FDA approved laser for the treatment of Periodontal disease

 The laser procedure requires no cutting or amputating of the gums, and no sutures are needed!  Only a local anaesthetic is needed, because the procedure is much less traumatic than traditional gum surgery.

            Dr Peter Elfar will insert a very tiny laser fiber between the tooth and the gum, and clear the infection away.  Just two 2-hour sessions is all that is needed, and you can say goodbye to gum disease! 

If you think or know that you are suffering from gum disease, visit Lanap Australia today to schedule your evaluation!at


We have 3 offices in New South Wales, In Port Macquarie, Sydney and Camden.



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